Straight to the personal: I’m an insomniac of sorts by chance, a “night owl” by choice and a romantic by design. Thus the name of the blog. It’s also a handle I’ve been using covertly for over a decade. Yeah, I’m that proud of it. The only other handle I have is all too out of the mainstream to use with much success here. Just trying to keep my writing consistent.

The purpose of Awake till Dawn is to rant and rave. Though a subjective view is taken by the author, yours truly, all posts will be SUPPORTED BY FACTS. In case it went unnoticed, I ramble both in oral and written communication but always find my point along the way. I think I’m almost to my point here.

If you’ve read this far into the post (and haven’t hit the back button on your screen) then take comfort in knowing that future posts will not be as exposition focused.

I’m a man of many passions: the arts, history, journalism, politics and everything in between. Thoughts are constantly streaming in and out. Consider my mental reservoir as that stand at the flea market where you find a hodgepodge of things. Just without the dust and a whole lot more colorful. Oh yeah, sometimes the grumpy old man keeping guard of the market stand will snap at you. Just kidding! He snaps at the computer screen. You don’t actually hear or see him.

For all three of you who’ve braved reading this in its entirety, go on and tell all your friends about this great new blog post you’ve found. Don’t worry, that subjective recommendation doesn’t need to be SUPPORTED BY FACTS.

There’s so much to be discarded here at this cerebral flea market stand so do come back. PLEASE!


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