All hail Mad Maxie!

The online magazine Politico published a story earlier today about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and the relationship (or lack thereof) between her and President Barack Obama.  What was quite alarming to me was how glowing a profile of the congresswoman the piece provided. 

Author Joseph Williams authoritatively quotes Jesse Jackson on Waters, “she is smart… she is trustworthy.”  Oh really?  Is Jackson referring to the same “smart” Maxine Waters who at a congressional hearing was at an embarrassing loss for the simple government term, “nationalize”?  The same “smart” Maxine Waters who said she marched for abortion rights because her “mother could not have an abortion”?!  Is Jackson referring to the same “trustworthy” Maxine Waters who just last year had charges of ethics violations levied at her by the House ethics subcommittee?    

Maxine Waters (or Mad Maxie as we call her in these parts), is a mere agitator.  Waters is not the noble “racial equality warrior, advocate for the poor” as Williams labels her.  Williams conveniently ignored writing about Mad Maxie’s apologist statement characterizing the actions of the 1992 L.A. rioters as “righteous anger”.  He also overlooked her incite to violence comment from the ’92 L.A. riots, “many other cities could go the way that Los Angeles went last night…”   

Politico likes running stories that flat out question the intelligence of Republicans but interestingly enough chooses to gloss over the history of a most unsavory Democrat like Mad Maxie.  Perhaps Democratico would be a more apt name for the publication.


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