Pity the poor Perrys!

Texas First Lady Anita Perry bemoaned the treatment her husband Rick Perry received from the press and fellow Republicans in a curious speech in South Carolina today.  Granted, her husband has indeed received harsh criticism from almost all angles but one is left wondering what she or the candidate were expecting.  Republicans are always treated badly by the press.  That is expected from a biased media.  After an immediate jump ahead unto frontrunner status when he announced, Perry and wife should have expected non-supporters within the party to attack his record.

Politician Perry’s distressed wife wailed, “We have been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up,” all without citing a single example.  Even more outrageously, Mrs. Perry hit the soundbite circuit by going on the attack herself when slamming current frontrunner Herman Cain‘s economic plan, exclaiming, “When I hear 999, I want to call 911.”  Mrs. Perry even wildly prefaced said soundbite by referring to herself as a “healthcare professional”.  Not once did she elaborate on how her former occupation in nursing factored in her criticism. 

Perhaps the biggest issue for Politician Perry (one his campaign is trying to draw attention away from) is that he, much like Obama in ’08, has not been thoroughly vetted.  He’s a lot of style but little substance.  A conservative action hero but nothing more.  His are a cowboy mannequin politics, if you will.       

The sad fact that Team Perry cannot take criticism without jumping to hysterics is nothing short of concerning.  Michelle Malkin laid it out by explaining that “we have primary battles for the GOP nomination and not coronations.”  If the Perrys cannot endure the heat of this primary, how do they think they will ever survive the scorching fire of a general election?


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