In another post here at Awake till Dawn to be filed under “in case you missed it”, above shown is the official movie poster for The Iron Lady theatrical release.  At first glance it is almost as striking as Margaret Thatcher’s personality. 

The imagery is quite captivating.  Meryl Streep as the title character, a bouffant of hair and an icy glare.  A look as alluring as it is intimidating.  Much like Thatcher herself.  I’m personally anxious to see the Prime minister’s questions scene.  Word has it the cast and crew applauded at the end of the shooting of this same scene where Streep as Thatcher delivers a monologue.

However, Ray Pride at, has interpreted the poster to represent Thatcher’s dementia-ridden mind dissolving into a state of strictly Parliamentary affairs.  As if the poster suggests Thatcher was so consumed by being Britain’s head of government her mind was lost in the process.  

We have discussed the controversy behind this same film here before.  Granted Thatcher was and remains a controversial figure and a movie about her should be nothing short of controversial.  The issue lies in a film presenting itself as a straightforward historical account and character study but really being an anti-conservative propaganda piece and ad hominem attack.  The Iron Lady still needs to prove itself as the former versus the latter.  To be fair, we’ll wait for it to come out.

I’ll be going to see it in theaters in December (if it’s released then in Houston).  Of course, a review will follow very shortly thereafter.

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