The Persecution of a Latino Republican

Out of the current fifty state governors serving in the U.S., New Mexico’s Susana Martinez, or la Gobernadora as I call her, is without a doubt my favorite.  There’s actually a funny anecdote related to one of the reasons for my affection for her.  I’ll likely share that here in the near future. 

In any event, Martinez is a genuine reform governor in the style of few modern American governors.  In the short span of time she has been in office, Martinez, the first elected Latina state governor in American history, has begun to effectively reform New Mexico, which was quickly becoming another failed progressive state à la modern California.  As is the case when anyone successfully challenges the status quo, the status quo goes on the attack.

One of the biggest and most shameless agents of the status quo in American politics are the special interest groups.  Case in point are the open border advocates currently pushing a “hypocrite” narrative on Martinez.  Martinez mentioned that a grandfather of hers immigrated here sans documents and because of this honesty the open borders advocates are now using the “h” word.

She volunteered this information on her own, mind you.

Ruben Navarette has written a column for on this latest character assassination by extreme leftists in this country.  Navarette points out Martinez’s critics’ own hypocrisy.  He also examines why the whole Left is so threatened by someone like Martinez.  Really worth the read.


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