I am at a loss in trying to figure out the reasoning that, according to the New York Daily News, the 9/II National Memorial and Museum fund has for okaying the sell of merlot and chardonnay branded as official “9/II wines”.

Ten percent of profits go to fund the memorial and museum. They can’t possibly be in that much dire need of funds.

Time heals the pain but it doesn’t, or at least shouldn’t, ebb the sensitivity of revisiting that same pain. I like to view things related to the 9/11 terror attacks as if they happened yesterday. The whole “we’ll never forget” idea has remained with me all these years. Viewing footage of the attacks, which I did again through The History and National Geographic Channels’ specials last year during the ninth anniversary, always makes it all feel all too raw. That may well be how I prefer it for me and others. The better to regard the threat of Islamofascism seriously.

Taking this same “it happened yesterday” approach, I question the tastefulness of selling wine commemorating the events of 9/11. Even a wine commemorating the Titanic, with all its ridiculous romanticization (a musical, for goodness sake), wouldn’t come off as anything more than crass commercialism.

What’s next? Pearl Harbor Caviar and Oklahoma City Bombing Steaks? No matter how much you class it up it doesn’t make it more appropriate.


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