“Sink it!”

That may well be the orders friends of Baroness Margaret Thatcher would like to give the producers of The Iron Lady, a biopic slated for release in the States this upcoming December. The film purports to shed light on the personal struggles of Thatcher in her extraordinary premiership.

According to an article from the Daily Mail, friends are not happy with the portrayal of either Thatcher (as played by Meryl Streep) or her relationship with and the portrayal of her husband Dennis Thatcher (Jim Broadbent). The line “Sink it!” actually belongs to Streep as prime minister in the movie commanding (in Streep’s typical histrionic fashion) the bombing of the Belgrano during the Falklands War (or as Obama may call it, the “Malvinas” War).

Based on details divulged, this movie is shaping up to be another standard filmmaker hit piece on a conservative politician. Worse off it stinks of gender bias with the depiction of her husband Dennis complaining to Thatcher that she is not fulfilling duties of wife and mother for the pursuit of a bigger role in politics.


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